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I’ve spoken to audiences of up to 10,000 people around the world - policymakers and practitioners, academics and activists, students and seasoned professionals, and anyone in between.


I have had the opportunity to speak at events for UN agencies, the World Bank, US Department of State, and other major events. And, I was honored to be able to share my experiences and passion to end violence against women in my TEDx talk.


I don’t stop talking about the stuff I care about and am able to convey the gravity of the situation in a way that is both serious and lighthearted, galvanizing enthusiasm for action.


I’ve been called a “fire-starter” when I speak – I’ll take that!

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In humanitarian emergencies, like conflicts and natural disasters, violence against women increases. What does it take to ensure that women are safe? Lina AbiRafeh shares her big idea for taking on, and ending, gender based violence around the world.

Imagine a world where women’s bodily integrity and autonomy was never questioned, where women no longer fight for rights to their own bodies and lives, where women DECIDE. Starting from this fictional place, this talk addresses sexual and reproductive health and rights in the Arab region, drawing on global examples.

Movements in support of gender equality and women’s rights have increased in recent years. At the same time, we are experiencing a backlash against women’s rights and fundamental freedoms around the world. Where are we now – and what will it take to finally achieve equality?

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This Ferguson Partners panel discussion - REAL TALK: Observations of Race, Gender, Identity and Inclusivity in Organizations and Communities - addresses diversity, equity, inclusion, justice and belonging today within organizations and across cultures, celebrating our similarities and differences, and empowering multiple generations of leaders to create more just and inclusive environments for all.

Team Harmony is an international effort to engage youth in the battle against hate. They have produced a number of Webisodes addressing different topics, #5 is a discussion about the global status of women.

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How can businesses build resilience – before an emergency hits? This session will share lessons from my 20+ years of experience in emergency humanitarian aid worldwide to help businesses leverage these learnings for their own crisis preparation and management. 

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