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Yes, I’m moving to NYC… what else do you want to know?!

Lina’s list of LAQs (Likely Asked Questions) to satisfy your every curiosity!

What are LAQs?!

These are the questions I assume you might ask me as I drop this news-bomb on FB – all in one handy guide so you do NOT ask me on FB! These are different from FAQs because I’m not “frequently asked”. At least not yet.

You’re leaving Lebanon?!

Yup – but I’ll be back several times a year.

You’re leaving the Institute?!

Hell, no. I love that place. I’ll remain with the Institute, operating out of LAU’s NYC office. And the rockstar team will continue in Lebanon, doing what they do best – saving the world, one woman at a time!

Will you miss Lebanon?

Surely! I’ll miss some bits of it. And I’ll probably love it more from a distance. I’ll actually starting asking for Lebanese food upon arrival. I might even be the person who applauds when the plane lands in Beirut!

But – you hate the cold! Won’t you freeze?!

Yes. Probably. Check on me every so often to make sure I am not a popsicle.

Can winter and fashion be friends?

Not in my wardrobe. I’m going to wear every single thing I own – all on top of each other – pretty much every day until May.

Can I come visit you?

Of course – but you’ll likely be on the sofa because I will no longer have an extra bedroom.

What does Zazoo think of this big move?!

He’s ready to launch his modeling career (see @ZazooLina on Insta). I promise you all will receive discounts on his upcoming line of merchandise.

Will Zazoo freeze?!

Well, he’s originally from the Northern China/Tibet region, so he digs the cold. However, he refuses to get his pawsies wet in the rain, so please send me recommendations for fashionable pup-booties and winter wear.

Now Amazon is moving to NYC – how will YOU afford the rent?!

See above re: Zazoo merchandise. Or – let me know if you happen to need a kidney. I happen to have one I could sell.

Do you think you can handle living in the same country as that orange-faced @ss-wipe? 

*dons pink hat and joins the resistance!

What’s the first thing you’ll do upon your return to America?

I’ll skip through the aisles of the CVS and buy bulk-size toiletries and unnecessary cosmetics. My cart will overflow with fireballs, cheap lipsticks, circus peanuts, fat-free Twizzlers, those weird Listerine strips, and and and… bliss!

You’ll be close to your people at last… 


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